Migrant crisis: German move to reinstate border controls ‘necessary’: Orban

Berlin: Hungary’s hardline Prime Minister Viktor Orban welcomed Berlin’s decision today to reinstate border controls as a “necessary” move to protect European values in the face of a record migrant influx.

“We have great understanding for Germany’s decision and we voice our full solidarity. We understand that this decision was necessary in order to defend Germany’s and Europe’s values,” he told Bild newspaper.

Orban said he was also convinced that “this is only the first step”.

“We must also protect Europe’s borders in Greece as soon as possible — with the cohesion of Europe, all of its member states and organisations,” he added.

Hungary is working around the clock to finish a controversial fence along its border with Serbia aimed at keeping migrants out.

A raft of new laws would also take effect on Tuesday with anyone crossing the border illegally liable to be deported or even jails.