Might have a little face-lift: Katie Price

Los Angeles: Singer Katie Price says she wants another facelift for Christmas amid bankruptcy woes.

The mother-of-five opened up about her cosmetic ambitions in the promo for her reality show “My Crazy Life”‘s Christmas special.

“Might have a little face-lift,” she says to her terminally-ill mother Amy during a baking lesson, reports dailymail.co.uk.

“You won’t be able to turn your face,” warns Amy, demonstrating by pulling her skin taut up from her jaw. “You’ll be like that – ugh!”

It comes after Price admitted a non-invasive facelift – which involved hyaluronic acid being injected under her eyes – had “f****d up” her face.

Price defiantly vowed to go under the knife once again to get her face re-corrected following the ‘botched’ surgery.

She penned on Instagram: “Love the girls here at @lastudio1 lashes hair relax getting me ready and pampered to now go and get my face re-corrected after surgeon has totally f***ed my face up.” (sic)

Price had undergone a “thread lift”, which is supposed to tighten the skin by sewing threads under the face muscles that are then pulled back and stitched behind the ears.

The businesswoman has undergone rhinoplasty, teeth veneers, bottom lifts, boob jobs and liposuction.

The glamorous reality television star also has regular Botox and dermal filler regime, reports dailymail.co.uk.

Price’s costly surgery plans come amid her financial woes as she narrowly avoided bankruptcy over the summer.

She managed to escape bankruptcy for another month at the end of October – after avoiding being declared bankrupt in August, when she was given 12 weeks to come up with the money she owes to creditors.

Her lawyers came back to London’s High Court at the end of October for a fresh hearing over how she will clear up a £22,000 debt with the taxman.