MIG 27 crash: Mayor calls for construction of buildings within border area

Jodhpur : Hours after a MiG-27 aircraft of the India Air Force (IAF) crashed near the Jodhpur Airbase in Rajasthan, Jodhpur Mayor Ghanshyam Ojha today called on the gram panchayat to build buildings within the border area so that similar incidents can be avoided in future.

“There are many buildings in this region. And two to three storey tall buildings are also there. Because this is a rural area, the gram panchayat will be instructed to build the buildings within the border area. This way we can avoid these incidents,” Ojha told ANI.

He also appreciated the pilot for successfully managing to land the plane in an isolated place.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, who was also present, called the incident as extremely ‘unfortunate’ and said that the crash happened due to some technical issues.

“The Indian Air Force will do further investigation to find out the probable reasons behind the crash,” he added.

The India Air Force (IAF) and the administration rushed to the spot where a MiG-27 aircraft crashed, near the Jodhpur Airbase in Rajasthan earlier today, to gauge the damage caused to the aircraft and the surroundings.

The two pilots, who were on a training mission, escaped unhurt as they ejected out of the aircraft just before the crash.

The crash, which took place five kilometres from the airbase, left two houses damaged in the region. (ANI)