In the midst of angst & hatred, Khalsa Aid stands out for love & humanity

SRINAGAR: In the afermath of Pulwama attack, many Kashmiri students and traders living in differt parts of India are being abused and assaulted by the saffron brigade.

Also, exodus of Kashmiri Muslim students have also been reported to escape the vigilante mobs after protests erupted against the community.

In the midst of angst and hatred, international humanitarian organisation Khalsa Aid, has come forward to offer help distressed students and arranged even more than 20 buses to relocate them in Kashmir.

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The good Samaritans at Khalsa Aid, also ensure that the stranded Kashmiris are provided with all sanitation needs and food as well.

According to News 18, Khalsa Aid reached out to the Jammu and Kashmir Students’ Organisation (JKSO) and helped collaborate efforts.

“When I saw members of Jammu and Kashmir Students’ Organisation are providing help to students facing threats after Pulwama, I followed up with them. We are giving them transportation, food and accommodation. I saw them hungry and scared,” Amarpreet Singh, managing director, Khalsa Aid International, told News 18.

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He adds, “What is their fault… that they are Kashmiris? We will stand by them and help them. About 250 more students are stranded in Dehradun and want to leave for Jammu. We will take care of their travel.”

The Sikh organisation received a lot of praise for the humanitarian gesture and hundreds took to the internet to express gratitude.

A cartoon by Suhail Naqashbandi depicting Sikh extending a helping hand become an instant hit.

Here are some:

“For us, humanity comes first. What happened in Pulwama was unfortunate, it shouldn’t have happened. But these are students, they did not have anything to do with the terror attack. It is wrong to target them. With this, we want to sent out a message of peace, love, not just here, but across the country,” quoting Gurmeet Singh, a Khalsa Aid volunteer as saying to IndiaTimes.