Microsoft’s ‘Modern Keyboard’ with fingerprint sensor for hassle-free typing

San Francisco: Tech giant Microsoft has made its “Modern Keyboard” available that features a hidden fingerprint sensor located between the Alt and Ctrl keys to make typing hassle-free.

The keyboard is rechargeable and can last up to four months on a single charge.

“The ‘Modern Keyboard’ is now available via Microsoft Store in the US (for $129.99), Canada and China,” Windows Central reported on Sunday.

The ‘Modern Keyboard’ is in line with Microsoft’s next generation of Windows 10 input devices that match the latest Surface models in design and finish.

According to Microsoft, the new model of keyboard has “Chiclet”-style keys and aluminum frame that’s heavy and “virtually indestructible”.

The keyboard works either wired or through Bluetooth with and uses a rechargeable battery and is compatible with Windows 8-10, Windows 10 Phone, Android and macOS.