Microsoft Windows 10 offers more transparency to users

New york: A week after Microsoft announced its Windows 10 Creators Update, the company introduced new privacy tools that will offer customers more transparency and control.

According to a post by Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of Windows and Devices group (WDG) and Marisa Rogers, WDG Privacy Officer, on Wednesday, the updates will have three new things that will empower customers to be more informed about their privacy in Windows 10.

“With all these new built-in innovations, we hope it will inspire you to choose Windows to be the place you love to create and play.

And yet one of our most important improvements in the Creators Update is a set of privacy enhancements that will be mostly behind the scenes,” the post read.

The company is updating the Microsoft privacy statement to include more information about the privacy enhancements in the Creators Update as well as share more detail about the data we collect and use to support new features offered in this update.

Like previous privacy statement updates, this information will be available to users in a layered manner online, allowing them to progressively explore more information about your privacy choices with Windows 10. The company will now publish more information about the data it collects.

“Our commitment to you is that we only collect data at the Basic level that is necessary to keep your Windows 10 device secure and up to date. For customers who choose the Full level, we use diagnostic data to improve Windows 10 for everyone and deliver more personalised experiences for you where you choose to let us do so,” the post further read.