Microsoft wants to revolutionise MRI with quantum technology, HoloLens

Washington: Microsoft is partnering Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) to bring together its HoloLens augmented reality device and quantum technology to build a new form of MRI which will be much more comprehensive and unified than traditional MRI systems.

For the new MRF or Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting, Microsoft’s quantum computing division will develop quantum-inspired algorithms capable of processing greater amounts of data.

MRF uses a constantly varying sequence of pulses, resulting in a single, unified exam. This provides final quantitative maps which are generated against a lookup table, allowing for a more rapid and repeatable characterization of tissues, The Next Web reported.

Medical professionals will use the augmented reality HoloLens device to view 3D MRF images created by the quantum-inspired algorithms.

By merging augmented reality with quantum technology, MRF will make it easier for doctor to identify a particular disease and provide efficient scanning.(ANI)