Microsoft unveils five new devices

New York: Technology major Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled five devices including a virtual reality gear, three smartphones, and two tablets along with new Xbox gaming consoles and a new gaming controller.

Executive vice president, Windows and devices group, Terry Myserson, who announced the new products, said that over 110 million devices had moved to Windows 10 within 10 weeks of the operating system’s (OS) launch.

“Nearly 650 billion web pages have been viewed with the new Edge browser and 120 years of gameplay has been streamed via the Windows 10 Xbox app,” he said, adding that nearly 1 billion questions had been posed to Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant.

He also said that along with the share of Windows 10 PCs increasing in the market, app developers revenue has moved up four times. “Over eight million business PCs are running Windows 10 currently,” Myerson said.