Microsoft gives AppGet developer credit

SAN FRANCISCO: Microsoft has finally given an independent app developer due credit for its new Windows Package Manager after he accused the tech giant of “copying the core mechanics” of his product called AppGet.

AppGet developer Keivan Beigi came out in the open, detailing about how Microsoft “ghosted” him for months after taking information about his package manager AppGet.

He claimed that the “core mechanics, terminology, the manifest format and structure, even the package repository’s folder structure” of Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager (winget) were heavily inspired by AppGet, reports The Verge.

In a latest blog post, Andrew Clinick who is Group Program Manager, Windows, finally gave Beigi credit for the new Windows Package Manager.

“Over the past couple of days we’ve listened and learned from our community and clearly we did not live up to this goal. More specifically, we failed to live up to this with Keivan and AppGet. This was the last thing that we wanted,” Clinick wrote.

Microsoft last month announced a package manager preview for Windows.

“The last thing that we want to do is alienate anyone in the process. That is why we are building it on GitHub in the open where everyone can contribute,” said Microsoft.

GitHub allows the company to have an open repository and a way to integrate with DevOps pipelines for app publishing, etc.

“We will be open sourcing our service code into our our WinGet repository on GitHub so that we can work together with Keivan and others to enable a better WinGet repository listing servicem” said Clinick.