Microsoft fixes Windows 11 features failing due to expired certificate

San Francisco: Tech giant Microsoft has fixed several Windows 11 features failing to load after an expired certificate was discovered earlier this week.

According to The Verge, some Windows 11 users have not been able to open apps like the Snipping Tool, touch keyboard, or emoji panel since a certificate expired on October 31.

The tech giant warned Windows 11 users about the problems earlier this week and has now released an out-of-band update.

The issues also affected voice typing and getting started tips sections of Windows 11.

If you are running Windows 11, you should be offered the KB5008295 update, and it will automatically install from Windows Update, the report said.

This patch does require a reboot, and Microsoft notes it will address all of the issues from the expired certificate, including the accounts page in Windows 11 with S mode failing to load.

Microsoft was relatively quick to address these problems after the company discovered the certificate issue early this week, the report said.

It is unusual for Microsoft to issue out-of-band patches that aren’t security-related for its Windows operating systems, and this is one of the first emergency-style fixes for Windows 11, it added.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 patch comes just two weeks after the company had to issue a fix for AMD CPU performance in the OS. A bug was slowing performance on Ryzen processors by up to 15 per cent in certain games.