Michigan: Three-year-old toddler shots two others, couple arrested

Dearborn: A couple has been arrested after their three-old daughter has shot two minor children.
The incident is reported from Dearborn were a couple operating a non licensed day care are now facing trial for multiple counts of child abuse in the non- fatal shootings of two minor day care students.

The two children are critical after their three-year-old daughter shot them one in the face and the other one on the shoulder.

The couple arrested is 32-year-old Timothy Eubanks and his wife Samantha Eubanks.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office alleges that Timothy left his two handguns unsecured in an upstairs bedroom.

Samantha who was running the day care with six children at the time of incident on 27 September around 10:19 a.m., discovered her three-year-old daughter had shot two children.

The child who was shot in the shoulder is reported to have been discharged from the hospital but the other child who was shot on the fae is still critical.

The couple have six children of their own who are now reported to have been moved to their relatives house.

Timothy Eubanks has been charged with six counts of second degree child abuse while his wife Samantha Eubanks is facing 12 counts of second degree child abuse along with two counts of Felony Firearm.