Michael Jackson’s brother, Jermaine opens up on Why he converted to Islam

LONDIN: Jermaine Jackson, brother of late king of pop music, Michael Jackson, has share his experience how he converted to Islam from Christianity and why.

Dailypost.ng reported that Jermaine, in an interview with BBC, narrated how a trip to the Middle East with his sister in the late 1980s made him fall in love with Islam.

During their trip, Jermaine emphasized that they met with some children who  “warmly welcomed” them.

Jermaine, a composer and former member of the Jackson 5 bring to light that during his conversation with the children, they were quick to let him know that they were Muslims with pride.

He take note that the confidence of the children “really shook me from within.”

Jermaine said, “Then they started telling me about Islam. They were giving me information, much in piece with their age. The pitch of their voice would reveal that they were highly proud of Islam. This is how I paced towards Islam.

“A very short interaction with a group of children ultimately led me to have long discourses about Islam with Muslim scholars. A great ripple had taken place in my thought. I made failing attempt to console myself that nothing had happened but I could not conceal this fact any longer from myself that at heart I had converted to Islam. This I disclosed first to my family friend, Qunber Ali.”

Explaining how he felt after becoming a Muslim, Jermaine said:

“Having embraced Islam, I felt as if I were born again. I found in Islam the answers to those queries which I had failed to find in Christianity.

“Particularly, it was only Islam that provided satisfactory answer to the question relating to the birth of Christ. For the first time I was convinced about the religion itself. I pray my family members might appreciate these facts.