Michael Douglas is his wife’s biggest fan

Washington: Michael Douglas has praised his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones for being an ‘entrepreneur’ and earning her success.

The Hollywood star gushed over his wife’s achievements as he promoted the release of his upcoming movie ‘Ant-Man and the ‘Wasp’.

“She’s branching out in a couple other areas. She has got a whole branding line of Casa Zeta-Jones and she’s on QVC and she is an entrepreneur and I totally support her,” he told E!Online.

While Michael was unfamiliar with his wife’s earlier interviews about her work, he was proud to say that his wife has earned her success.

“She comes from humble roots. She’s a humble young lady. If you got it, flaunt it. She’s probably saying I’ve worked hard enough. She earned it,” he shared.

Hitting theatres everywhere on July 6, the film finds Ant-Man being both a superhero and a father.