Michael Caine was never addicted to drugs

Michael Caine was never addicted to drugs

Washington: Actor Michael Caine says he is happy that he never got addicted to drugs.

Caine said he had tried marijuana only once.

“I went to dinner at my agent’s house in Hollywood one night. We were having coffee and I went to spoon some sugar into my drink,” he said.

“She goes, ‘Don’t do that. That’s not sugar. It’s cocaine’. I never touched the stuff,” the actor told dailystar.co.uk.

Caine said he believes drugs destroyed the optimistic “dynamic” of the era as they started to kill users.

He added: “The 1960s ended in about 1971 – drugs brought it to an end. They changed the dynamic. If people went out having taken cocaine they didn’t stop talking rubbish for two hours, and if they’d smoked some pot they’d sit there all evening going, ‘Wow’, and boring the a** off everybody.

“I smoked marijuana once and laughed for five hours. Nearly got a hernia. Truth was, you couldn’t work properly on drugs. At least, not in the theatre when you had to know your lines.”

Caine, who was friends with singer Paul McCartney, the late David Bowie and supermodel Twiggy, said he often warned friends not to touch illegal substances.