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MI-series like blockbuster success in store for economy: Ambani

MI-series like blockbuster success in store for economy: Ambani

Visakhapatnam: Inspired by blockbuster film series ‘Mission Impossible’, billionaire industrialist Anil Ambani today said India has got its own economic version of MI series in form of missions like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Startup India’ to catapult the country to the next level of growth.

“Many of you would be familiar with a movie-series called ‘Mission Impossible’ or MI as it is sometimes referred to. Today, we have our own economic version of MI, thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Bhai (Modi),” said Ambani, who himself is a film aficionado while his Reliance Group is also associated with movie business.

Speaking here at the Andhra Partnership Summit, he said India has got its own series of missions in form of MI for Make in India, SI for Skilled and Startup India, DI for Digital India and CI for Clean India.

“And just like the blockbuster film series, these missions are a part of a continuing series that will catapult India to the next level of growth,” Ambani said while adding that he hopes there would be many more I’s in the days to come.

He also showered fulsome praise on the state’s Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu saying great leaders are known to make the impossible possible – a quality that Chandrababu Garu shares with our Prime Minister.

“No wonder, India’s Missions Impossible are seeing the bright daylight of success and possibility across the country and particularly here in Andhra,” Ambani said.

Continuing his play on the slogans, the Reliance Group Chairman said India has long been promoted as ‘Incredible India’ and now there was a New India in the making in form of a credible India, a creative India and “above all a caring India” and called on everyone to ‘Come, Invest in India’ and ‘Come, Invest in Andhra Pradesh’.

Ambani also complemented Naidu’s 32-year-old son Nara Lokesh and said if his “impeccable educational credentials, unparalleled political pedigree and a super bright mind is anything to go by, the developmental legacy of NTR and Chandrababu Garu, is set to continue for a very long time”.