MH370 search: Debris found on Reunion Island to be sent to France

London, July 30 : The debris that was found on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion is to be transported to France to find out whether it is from the missing airliner MH370, said Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mohammad Najib.

Najib said that according to initial reports, the two-metre long wreckage is very likely to be from a Boeing 777, the BBC reported.

He further said that the French authorities were taking the debris to the southern French city of Toulouse to verify it as quickly as possible.

Aviation experts say the debris found on Reunion on Wednesday resembles a flaperon, a moving part of the wing surface, from a Boeing 777.

Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH370 is the only Boeing 777 to have disappeared over an ocean.

There were 239 people on board when the plane went missing in March 2014.

More than half of those on board the missing plane were Chinese. (ANI)