MF Husain’s son lost battle with cancer

New Delhi: Shamshad Husain, son of late veteran artist MF Husain, died of liver cancer on Saturday evening at his Delhi home. The 69 year old artist was diagnosed with liver cancer in September, his condition rapidly deteriorated.

Shamshad was admitted at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, Vasant Kunj. He was survived by two daughters.

“He had developed a style of his own. A gentle person, his figuration was modest and had a personal quality, unlike the more flamboyant works of his father,” says artist Vivan Sundaram.

Shamshad was born in Mumbai in 1946. He attended Baroda College of Fine Arts, where he studied a diploma in painting. He then studied at the Royal College of Art London.

He received the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award from the All India National Unity Conference and also the Lalit Kala Academy national award in 1983.

He was very close to his father. His death left a deep impact on him. “He was one of his favourites and very sensitive,” says Rahman, who met Shamshad at an art exhibition marking MF Husain’s 100th birth anniversary in Delhi.