#MeTooRising: India glows brighter than any other country

NEW DELHI: Google released the #MeTooRising map using the Google Trends with trend visualisations in recognition of the Sexual Assault Awareness month.

The spinning globe lights up as you move from country to country and India, in fact, shines extremely bright, brighter than any other country.

“Few topics have generated as much awareness of sexual assault than the movement, Me Too. What started as a simple statement of empathy from one survivor to another is changing how the world is listening to survivors of sexual violence, assault and harassment. In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Google Trends data was used to create a visualization of Google Search interest in “MeToo” over time. This data represents global trends of people searching for the movement from the top 300 searching cities every day,” said Google, in its statement on the project.

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The #MeToo campaign is gaining momentum in India and several women from the film industry, newsrooms, stand-up comedy, Catholic church, education institutions, etc, step up and openly speak about their experiences of abuse, sexual assault and rapes.

Here’s how Twitter reacts to the Google Trends map:


Actress Tanushree Dutta ruffled a lot of feathers and has powered the wave of #MeToo movement in India.

She opened up against Bollywood bigshot like Nana Patekar of sexual harassment while shooting for a dance number for Horn Ok Please back in 2008.