Metal piece of 4 cm removed from mans heart while it was beating

Satish Kumar, 32-year-old, a drill operator had very few chances of survival when he was brought to a Fortis hospital in New Delhi with a 4cm-long metal piece lodged in his heart.

The Doctors defied all odds to keep him alive and performed a life-or-death a beating heart surgery to extract the metal piece from his heart. The metal piece missed one of his coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart, by just a few millimetres.

He was working at a factory when a metal piece snapped off his drill and pierced into his chest, puncturing his heart and narrowly missing the main artery over two weeks ago. By the time he reached the hospital, he had lost vast amounts of blood and time, furthering his hopes of survival.

His case was turned down by five hospitals before surgeons led by Dr Vaibhav Mishra of Fortis Hospital took up challenge an performed an emergency surgery.

During the surgery, Kumar’s heart was beating rapidly as doctors desperately attempt to keep him alive by using forceps to dig into the heart and pull out the metal piece. They also repaired his left ventricle, one of the four vital chambers of the organ, where the metal had lodged itself. Kumar was able to walk and allowed to go home four days after the surgery.

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