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1. Umar bin Abu Salamah (RadiyAllahu Anhu) reported: Messenger of Allah (Sallellahu Alayhi Wa Sallam), said to me: “Mention Allah’s Name (i.e., say Bismillah before starting eating), eat with your right hand, and eat from what is near you.”
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

There are two things about this Hadith. First, we should start eating or drinking by pronouncing the Name of Allah. Second, we should eat from our side without stretching our hand to the side where someone else is eating. This may be the case when more than one or two people are eating the same kind of food from a single dish. Good manners do not allow it, yet in case a variety of food or fruit is lying before us on the table, we are free to take our pick.

2. Aishah (RadiyAllahu Anha) reported: Messenger of Allah (Sallellahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said:

“When any of you wants to eat, he should mention the Name of Allah in the begining, (i.e., say Bismillah). If he forgets to do it in the beginning, he should say ‘Bismillah awwalahu wa akhirahu’ (I begin with the Name of Allah at the beginning and at the end).”
[At-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud]

This Hadith provides us a concession. If we have forgotten to pronounce the Name of Allah before beginning to eat, we can do it during eating or in the end.

3. Umaiyyah bin Makhshi (RadiyAllahu Anhu) reported: Messenger of Allah (Sallellahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) was sitting while a man was eating food. That man did not mention the Name of Allah (before commencing to eat) till only a morsel of food was left. When he raised it to his mouth, he said:
“Bismillah awwalahu wa akhirahu (With the Name of Allah, in the beginning and in the end).”
Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.S.) smiled at this and said:
“Satan had been eating with him but when he mentioned the Name of Allah, Satan vomited all that was in his stomach.”
[Abu Dawud and An-Nasa’i]

This Hadith also informs us that Satan shares food and drink with those people who do not mention the Name of Allah.

4. Hudhaifah (RadiyAllahu Anhu) reported: ‘When we attended a meal with the Messenger of Allah (Sallellahu Alayhi Wa Sallam), we would not stretch forth our hands towards the food until he (S.A.W.S.) would start eating first. Once, we were with him when a little girl rushed in as if someone was impelling her. She was about to lay her hand on the food when the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.S.) caught her hand. Then a bedouin came in rushing as if someone were pushing him. He (S.A.W.S.) caught his hand also and said:

“Satan considers that food lawful for himself on which the Name of Allah is not mentioned. He (Satan) brought this girl to make the food lawful through her but I caught her hand. Then he brought the bedouin to make it lawful through him but I caught his hand too. By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, now Satan’s hand is in my grasp along with their hands.” Then he mentioned the Name of Allah and began to eat.’
[Abu Dawud and An-Nasa’i]

Here, too, we are told that if we do not pronounce Allah’s Name, Satan and his minions will share our meal with us. So prior to eating, we must pronounce the Name of Allah. An incident is related in this Hadith. Once, Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.S.) and his Companions were just to start taking their meal when an unknown girl and a bedouin burst upon the scene. Without seeking the formal permission and pronouncing the Name of Allah they hurriedly stretched their hands to eat. Yet, Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.S.) restrained them from doing so. Owing to Divine inspiration, he had seen the hidden hand of the Devil behind their abrupt actions. We have only one way to escape the Devil, that is, on such occasions we should first pronounce the Name of Allah. Second, this Hadith enlightens us on table manners calling for decency and decorum. It will be called an act of sheer indecency to voraciously pounce upon food as is commonly witnessed in feasts and weddings. Indeed, it is the result of deviation from Islamic teachings that many Muslims have grown ignorant of the Prophet’s manner of eating. Allah, too, has left them unrestrained in their beast-like hunger.

5. Abu Umamah (RadiyAllahu Anhu) reported: Whenever the Prophet (Sallellahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) finished a meal, he would say:
‘Al-hamdu lillahi kathiran taiyiban mubarakan fihi, ghaira makfiyyin wa la muwadda ‘in, wa la mustaghnan ‘anhu, Rabbuna.’
(All praise is due to Allah, praise which is abundant, pure, and full of blessings, which is indispensable and to which one cannot be indifferent).”
[Al-Bukhari] Commentary:
This Hadith mentions a supplication which Messenger of Allah (Sallellahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) used to recite after taking meal. The economy of words was the essence of the Prophet’s (S.A.W.S.) eloquence as displayed here. To supplicate this Prophetic prayer after taking a meal is recommendable.

6. Mu’adh bin Anas (RadiyAllahu Anhu) reported: Messenger of Allah (Sallellahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said: “He who has taken food and says at the end:
‘Al-hamdu lillahi-lladhi at ‘amani hadha, wa razaqanihi min ghairi haulin minni wa la quwwatin’
(All praise is due to Allah Who has given me food to eat and provided it without any endeavour on my part or any power),’
all his past sins will be forgiven.”

This Hadith tells us that if we praise Allah after taking a meal, all our minor sins committed in the past will be forgiven by Him.