Men’s cufflinks, buttons get Rajasthani twist

New Delhi: Be it handcrafted cufflinks and buttons made by RajasthanÂ’s craftsmen for men, or jewellery with straight lines and geometric shapes for women — NIMAI, a multi-artist concept jewellery brand, is now set to catch the eye of the fashion-conscious crowd.

NIMAI has introduced an exclusive menÂ’s collection by Kesya and womenÂ’s new collection by Olio to its growing roster of jewellery designers from India.

Kesya, now synonymous with a range of handcrafted cufflinks and buttons for men, was established in 2015 by Divya Shekawat and Shivangani Singh. Kesya derives from the Rajasthani word for saffron, ‘kesariya’.

The brand focuses on re-invigorating an interest in traditional Rajasthani arts and crafts such as hand painting and enamel work. Borrowing inspiration from the rich Rajasthani landscape and old colonial hunting scenes, Kesya offers pieces that fuse modernity, tradition, history, and design.

Made by some of RajasthanÂ’s talented craftsmen, their special, handcrafted cufflinks are made in sterling silver.

Each button set is also hand-made in sterling silver, with some featuring motifs that are meticulously hand painted on enamel, and others that are adorned with semi-precious stones. Every variation provides a special touch of royalty with the little piece of Rajasthan on the sleeve.

OLIO, on the other hand, is a series of bite-sized stories that emphasise mood, rather than delving into plot. Emerging from a friendship of ideas, spaces and individuals, it was brought together by a mutual love for geometry.

OLIOÂ’s new collection titled Binary is a juxtaposition of two strong elements – dense ebony with malleable silver. It uses straight lines and geometric shapes minimally, incorporating these two strong elements. Range includes big earrings, neckpieces, rings and brooches.