Men, women prefer sense of humour in partner: Survey

New Delhi: A good sense of humour is one of the top desired qualities when both men and women look out for a dating partner, reveals a new survey by dating app Tinder.

An in-app survey, which saw more than 15,000 respondents participating, found similarities in likes and dislikes of both men and women users on the app.

The survey sought to discover preferred traits and behaviours that users ‘Swipe Right’ for when using the app. A very similar percentage of men and women value humour.

Among the women, 24.5 per cent of the respondents said sense of humour is the first quality. Then, 24 per cent of them voted for having shared values and interests, and a man’s intelligence or how well read he is counted as a priority for 22.9 percent of the respondents.

The top non-negotiable desired qualities among men are good looks (30.6 per cent), sense of humour (25.2 per cent), shared values and interests (24.1 per cent). The only significant difference was that women preferred intellect over appearance as compared to men.

Commenting on the survey, Taru, Head of Tinder in India, said in a statement: “We’re often asked about how men and women differ in their behaviour and preferences in online dating, but we’ve found that men and women value the same characteristics in a partner, largely.

“Both men and women are seeking partners who are worldly and open-minded. This is a heartening revelation for our users who are seeking to forge meaningful connections as you know that there are others who share your values and interests.”

Tinder set up its office in India in January 2016, and records average daily swipes of 14 million swipes per day.

Tinder also found that activity on the app leading up to and during Valentine’s Day in 2016 increased by nearly 20 per cent.