Men, take note: Here’s how to dress fashionably during the monsoon

New Delhi: Smelly socks, sloppy outfits and squeaky shoes. While monsoon can wreak havoc on men’s sartorial choices and put one in an embarrassing situation at the workplace, you shouldn’t let the damp weather weigh you down. Here’s a rundown by Ragini Varma, fashion expert at Fynd, on how men can counter the dull weather in style and look their best at the workplace:

* Make room for colourful fabrics: Instead of whites and pastels, make room for bright colours and bold prints. Vibrant hues of red, blue and yellow are ideal to beat the gloomy weather. They will not only jazz up your wardrobe but also brighten up your day. While pastels and whites make for attractive formal wear, the rains can create a mess by leaving stains and making them look transparent.

* Pick lightweight fabrics: Using lightweight fabrics can be beneficial as they dry easily. Polyester won’t cling to your body and will dry quickly. Linen and knits should be avoided because they tend to shrink in water.

* Choose the right footwear: Is your footwear ready to face the monsoon? With streets being mucky and waterlogged, it is likely that your favourite pair of leather shoes soak up water like sponge and you might just lose them. While leather and suede are the two most common materials that men prefer to wear at the workplace, they can easily get damaged in damp weather. Switch to a pair of PU leather shoes, which are monsoon-friendly or wear floaters to work and keep a pair of leather shoes handy at work.

* Pick a trendy umbrella: Add to your style quotient by picking up transparent umbrellas over the coloured ones. Navigate the rain in style with this sturdy, multifunctional tool. While buying an umbrella, look for quality, style and durability. Trendy transparent wind cheaters could be a perfect companion as it would flaunt your outfit and protect you as well.

* Choose water-resistant backpacks: Tackling the rain is not an easy affair. Choose monsoon-friendly fabrics for your backpack. In case you have to carry your laptop to your workplace, look for bags that come with lightweight raincovers.