Men, split child-care duties for ‘super’ sex life

Washington D.C., Aug 23 : Men! It’s time to start taking care of your baby as a new study has suggested that splitting child-care duties equally with your female partners will give the couple a better sex life.

Daniel L. Carlson of the Georgia State University used data from more than 900 heterosexual couples’ responses in the 2006 Marital Relationship Study (MARS).

The researchers found that when women were responsible for most or all of the child care, both parties reported both the lowest quality relationships and sex lives.

Carlson said that the important point to be made was that when we were looking at child care, the difference that we find was really between arrangements where the mother was largely responsible for child care and everything else.

They concluded that beyond splitting child care responsibilities equally, dads in a heterosexual relationship could take on the majority of child-care responsibility without negative effects on the quality of the couples’ relationships.

These couples had just as much sex as couples with egalitarian arrangements, and were just as satisfied with the amount of sex they were having.

Carlson said that being an engaged father was very important to men.

However, he stated that when men do the majority of the child care, their female partners exhibited the highest overall satisfaction with their sex lives, but men demonstrated the lowest overall satisfaction with their sex lives. (ANI)