Men posing as policemen snatch bag containing Rs 33 lakh

New Delhi: Two men posing as police officers today snatched a bag containing Rs 33 lakh from employees of a fish trader in Ghazipur area of East Delhi.

Police said that a cashier of a fish trader in Ghazipur Mandi, alongwith another employee was going to Chandni Chowk to make payment of Rs 33 lakh when the money was stolen from them by two men claiming to be sleuths of Crime Branch.

The cashier Gopal and Yashwpal were riding in an auto to Chandni Chowk when it was overtaken and stopped by a car.

The two occupants of the car came to the auto and claiming to be police officers started searching the traders employee.

The duo took away the the money bag carrying Rs 33 lakh which was kept aside, police said.

Investigation has been launched and the two employees have been questioned. CCTV footage of nearby area is also been examined to get leads into the incident, he added.