Members of a Muslim group clean flood-hit temples in Chennai

Chennai: In a time when the incidents of intolerance and communal violence is at peak, the members of a Muslim group Jammat-e-Islami Hind have set a rare example of communal harmony . When Chennai residents are doing all that they can to restore normalcy to their city and the lives of other residents, 50 members of  this group  have taken up the task of cleaning parts of the city and have cleaned places that were least expected to be cleaned by them .


The group has cleaned many Mosques and they have also cleaned Temples. They have already cleaned temples in Kottupuram and Saidapet areas in the last two days. Members of the group explained that they were cleaning the temples because they had noticed that Hindus were finding it difficult to pray in the temples in some areas as they were severely affected owning to floods.


On being asked why this matter has not come to light earlier, a member of the group said that they wanted to do it without drawing anybody’s attention.


—Courtesy “Muslim Mirror”