‘Melanin expert’ Rachael Roff credits her success to traditional know-how

New Delhi: Entrepreneur Rachael Roff, who is referred to as a “Melanin expert,” has credited her success to the traditional know-how.

Roff, a white woman, runs a medical spa Urban skin solutions and skincare line Urban Skin Rx., in North Carolina’s Charlotte area which cater to people of colour.

According to Forbes, she says she is dedicated to inclusivity.

In addition to this, she recently added Spanish translations to her product labels to better serve Latino customers.

Roff, with the help of a loan from her parents, opened Urban Skin Solutions in 2006. Five years later, she expanded into skincare products, using her training and education to whip up homemade soaps, balms and other products created for darker skin, the report said.

“Why carry products [at the spa] that people could order from Amazon?” she added,”I wanted to force people to walk through my door.”

She shares before-and-after images through all of her social media channels — especially on Instagram, where her skincare line has over 143,000 fans.

Roff was born and raised in a Russian-Jewish household, with her extended family being a mix of races.