Melania Trump’s popularity soaring by the day: Poll

New York [U.S.]: In a sharp contrast to what the world actually thinks, first lady Melania Trump’s likeability ratio has taken quite a spike, indicating that the more Americans learn about her, the more they seem to favour her.
According to a CNN/ORC poll, her favorability rating is up 16 points since her husband Donald Trump was sworn-in as President.

Interviews for the CNN / ORC poll were conducted on March 1-4, 2017 over the telephone with 1,025 adult Americans.

The results say that about 52 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Melania Trump, which is a major increase from the 36 percent during the pre-inauguration.

In February 2016, the former model’s favorable rating was a meager 24 percent; her unfavorable was 31 percent while 23 percent had never even heard of her.

However, the current numbers show that only 3 percent say they don’t know who the first lady is, and her unfavorable rate has held steady at 32 percent.

An astute point to observe is that the margin is a lot wider for Melania than it was for Michelle Obama, who in April 2009 had a favorable rating of 93 percent among Democrats and 50 percent among Republicans.

Another interesting note on Melania’s new poll numbers are than men seem to appreciate her more than women do, as fifty-eight percent of men view her positively, and 46 percent of women.

However, Michelle Obama’s numbers in that category were the opposite with 78 percent women and 68 percent men.

But it appears that majority of college-educated women are not in favour of Melania Trump, as only 46 percent of women with degrees view her favorably, 34 percent unfavorably, while women without degrees have a 55 percent favorability, and 28 percent unfavorable. (ANI)