Melania Trump’s plane forced to land due to smoke in cabin

Washington: The airplane carrying first lady Melania Trump was forced to land a few minutes after taking off as smoke was detected in the plane’s cabin, according to media reports.

The incident, which took place early Wednesday morning, forced the pilot to return to Andrews air base in Maryland, from where the plane had taken off 10 minutes earlier, according to reporters accompanying the first lady, Efe reported.

Cabin personnel passed out moist towels and gave instructions to the passengers to cover their faces with them to avoid breathing in the smoke.

So far, no report has been issued on the cause of the problem.

Melania Trump was scheduled to fly to Philadelphia early Wednesday morning to participate in a “Be Best” campaign event, a programme focused on children and devoted to fighting opioid abuse and online bullying.

Ultimately, both Melania Trump and her entourage boarded a second plane that departed two hours later than originally scheduled en route for Philadelphia, where it arrived without further incident.