Melania is more popular than Donald Trump- poll

Washington: According to a new poll, Melania Trump is not only more popular than her husband, she has experienced a major climb in popularity over the last few months.

Forty-four percent of respondents say they had a favourable opinion of Melania, while 35% had an unfavourable view. President Donald Trump, by contrast, has a 41% favorable/57% unfavourable rating.

Melania is the only one of the four Trump family members tested in the poll with a net positive favourable score. Ivanka Trump is at 41% favorable/41% unfavourable, while her husband, Jared Kushner, is far less well-regarded — 20% favourable as compared to 39% unfavourable, the latest CNN poll reveals.

In a February poll, 24% of people had a favourable view of her, while 31% saw her unfavourable.

There has been a trend of ‘first ladies’ being more popular than their husbands. Michelle Obama was more popular than Barack Obama. Laura Bush was more popular than George W. Bush.

The reason is quite obvious, the president, because of his job, has to take a series of opinions on difficult issues — and no one is going to like all of those decisions all of the time. First ladies are able to pick and choose what to sound off on, which make their role typically less controversial and more suitable.

Her increased policy profile is also due to a series of hurricanes that had her travelling with her husband to the disaster areas for help.
Donald Trump, for one, seems to understand that his wife is a major asset to his still-struggling political fortunes.

“I’m going turn it over to the star of the Trump family,” Trump said while introducing his wife at a recent White House Historical Association dinner. “They love her out there. We walked all over Florida, we walked all over Texas, and they’re loving Melania,” he added.