Melania maintains silence over Trump’s recent controversies

Washington DC : United States First Lady Melania Trump has maintained silence over the controversy surrounding the alleged claims of porn star Stormy Daniels being paid by US President Donald Trump and the recent ‘war of words’ with former FBI director James Comey.

As per the reports whenever President Trump has spoken about his alleged affair with Daniels, Melania has always kept a poker face.

Melania has neither said anything on her Twitter account as opposed to the President who has often gone back and forth on his official Twitter handle to reject Stormy’s claim of a non-disclosure lawsuit being allegedly signed between them.

Stormy Daniels, had claimed earlier that she had an affair with the former real estate tycoon in 2005, shortly after his marriage to Melania Trump.

She also claimed that she was paid by Trump during his 2016 Presidential campaign to keep the matter under the radar.

On Sunday, Comey appeared in an interview with ABC news channel where he reportedly called Donald Trump as morally unfit for his political position.

Comey called the President a serial liar, who treated women like “meat” and called him a “stain” on everyone who worked for him.

Post that Trump took to his Twitter account to hit back at Comey with a pair of berating tweets, dubbing his book as ‘badly reviewed’ and calling him the worst FBI director in history, while also hinting that he could be sent to jail for lying to Congress and illegally disclosing classified information.

As per the reports, Melania is a person who often internalises the situation and then reacts to it than resorting to any emotional outbursts.

Further, a source said that Melania keep her attitude to be as “boys will be boys”.

Earlier on April 11 Donald Trump and Melania Trump appeared for a discussion with local middle school students about their lives in the Blue Room of the White House.

In the meantime, the reports have come that Stormy Daniels spoke to media that they are committed to present facts against President Trump.