Melania gets trolled after wearing $4,000 dress on New Year’s Eve

Florida [United States]: United States’ first lady Melania Trump once again caught the attention of people as she got dressed in a gown which was reportedly worth USD 4,000 at the New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.

The party which was hosted by President Donald Trump, saw Melania wearing stunning light pink dress, covered in sequins with a pretty floral design featuring red, blue and white bouquets.

Melania, who was joined by her son Baron in the party, did not exactly receive the best reaction from Twitter users.

Melania, who was seen wearing baby pink colour stilettos with a pointed toe at the party, became a target of trolls’ for the dress as people on Twitter said that it was not her best look.

“Not her best look. Last year was SO much better. These sleeves, no, & very unflattering neckline. I don’t know who’d look good in that dress,” said @lalauraru777 on twitter.

The fashion-savvy first lady sported a pink floral-embroidered dress by Erdem’s Emery, which lead to her roasting on Twitter.

“She keeps trying to make weird sleeves a thing,” @dlreddy14051 tweeted.

“LOL that Erdem dress on Melania is beyond ugly. $4000 to look like my Barbie when I painted her dress with Mom’s lipstick & crayons. Keerist. Poor Barron is a sad looking child,” said @FishHawkRdJody on twitter.

Another twitter user claimed that Melania’s fashion sense has dropped 99% since she moved to the White House.

“I swear Huckabee is dressing her. Melania’s fashion sense has dropped 99% since she moved to white house,” @KrisMares2 tweeted.

The party was also attended by Trump’s daughter Ivanka with her husband Jared Kushner and children Arabella and Joseph.

However, this was not for the first time that Melania got trolled.

Earlier, people trolled Melania after she had posted a selfie on her Twitter account on December 25 which appeared to be taken with a Snapchat filter that added a Santa hat and changed the appearance of the first lady’s face. (ANI)