Mehndi designing, haircutting by opposite gender: Is it allowed in Islam?

Hyderabad: In recent days, there is an increase in the culture of women getting their haircut and Mehndi designed by men.

As per reports, parlors named as UNISEX are promoting such a culture. In these parlors, women are being engaged for the haircutting of the boys.

In order to make huge profits, multinational companies are making heavy investments on such beauty parlors.

It may be mentioned that on the occasions of marriages, brides are visiting these parlors as they are offering discounts.

As per details, many such parlors offer 50% discount if girls agree to have Mehndi designed by boys.

It is observed that due to this trend, the demand for expert Mehndi designers is on the increase. In view of this, boys from Hindi belt are being hired for such services as they are available at lower rates.

It is the duty of influential personalities of society and religious leaders to dissuade Muslims girls from going to such parlors as all such activities are anti-Islamic.

As per the tenets of Islam, women should not allow non-Mahram men to touch their hands as it is a sinful act.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]