Mehmood Pracha writes to AIMPLB, asks body to stand up for oppressed

Hyderabad: Lawyer Mehmood Pracha has written to the All India Muslim personal law board (AIMPLB) raising concerns about the anti-Muslim discrimination and violence affecting the country. While being critical of the AIMPLB for not taking action against Wasim Rizvi, the lawyer also discussed how it was important to unite all oppressed community to protect the values enshrined in the constitution. As such, Pracha has asked the AIMPLB to adhere to its responsibility and work towards uniting marginalized groups.

Text of the letter is given below:

The increasing existential threat to all the oppressed classes of India is an undeniable fact. Muslims of our Country have continued to face threats since the demolition of the Babri Masjid which has increased exponentially and dangerously to laws like CAA, NRC, smear campaigns like Corona Jihad by Tabligi Jamaat, violence and mob lynching, in the name of Love Jihad, cow slaughter, Delhi riots, Brutal attacks in Assam, Tripura, blasphemy by Wasim Rizvi, etc. The list is unending and needs no elaboration. The very foundation of India, our Constitution itself, is being abrogated by many of those who are duty bound to protect and uphold it.
The Farmers Agitation has brought the Anti Constitutional forces to their knees and forced the Prime Minister to announce repeal of the three anti farmers Acts. This success, which has been achieved by their unison, sustained and concentrated protests shows that other oppressed can also reverse the trend of persecution by the anti constitutional forces like RSS. We can also do the same if we align with other oppressed communities like SC, ST, OBCs and other religious Minorities.

Sadly, our August body has not taken a strong stand against atrocities meted out to the Muslims of India. Our August body has even failed to take action against the blasphemous rants of Wasim Rizvi.
It is time we follow the path of opposing the oppressor by all means which are Constitutional including Peaceful protests and stand up firmly against these increasing atrocities that are being inflicted on the oppressed people of India including our Muslim sisters and brothers and refuse to back down until these atrocities are redressed and the attackers back down.
Therefore, I am constrained to write this open letter to all members for all of us to sit together before it is too late and find a way to oppose the well organized attacks and atrocities suffered by us. Entire community has reposed its faith in us and we cannot let them down. Being the most prominent representative body of Indian Muslims, the AIMPLB owes an inescapable duty and responsibility to stand up for the community which along with others, is looking towards it with expectation and hope. We have rise up to the occasion and provide a solution, a way out of the present quagmire which Muslims find themselves in today, by legal and constitutional means.
This will be a memorable moment in History and the present and future generations will not forgive us if we fail in our duty and remain entangled in matters and issues which can be said to be trivial at best. The urgent need of the hour is therefore to enlarge the scope of work of AIMPLB and strive to ensure a life of dignity and honor free from humiliation and harassment not just for Muslims, but all oppressed classes of India as promised by our Constitution.
To achieve this important goal, a suitable plan needs to be chalked out including by formation of an ‘Action Committee’ consisting of persons with proven track record and ability to find effective solutions to the situation being faced by Muslims and other oppressed communities. I request you all to consider my request with an urgency warranted by present day situation and take a decisive action in this regard.
With respects and regards.
Yours Truly
Mehmood Pracha
Member AIMPLB.