Mehbooba Mufti meets terrorist’s sister, warns Governor, police to mend their ways

Pulwama: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday visited Rubina of Petipora Pulwama, sister of a terrorist, who was allegedly thrashed by policemen in Jammu.

After meeting Rubina, Mufti said that this is an unfortunate incident and should not occur again.

“It is an unfortunate incident that a militant’s sister has been assaulted by the police. If the Governor has a problem with the terrorists, then he should fight with them. Why should their families and sisters be involved? I warn the Governor and the police that if such a thing reoccurs, then it will not be good for them,” she said.

She also said, “How did male police personnel touch a girl? Why were there no woman personnel? Family members of terrorists should not pay for this. This is my last warning to the Governor.”

On Friday, Mufti took to Twitter to assert that declaration of suspects as terrorists is premature.

“National security is supreme, but declaring suspects as terrorists on the basis of Sutli bombs, associating with the dreaded IS is premature. It has already devastated their lives and families. NIA must learn from earlier episodes in which the accused were acquitted after decades,” she tweeted.