Mehbooba and Omar make joint appeal for safety of Kashmiris

SRINAGAR: In joint appeal, former J&K Chief Ministers and political rivals Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah on Monday have urged the Centre to ensure the “safety and security of Kashmiris everywhere”.

PDP president Mufti and NC vice-president Omar Abdullah underscored the need to maintain communal harmony across the country.

“Intimidating Kashmiris is aimed at creating a wedge between different communities in India. We should not allow terror to divide us. By using such incidents to divide us, we fall into the trap of those behind the attack on CRPF personnel. We are wittingly or unwittingly playing to the tunes of our enemies,” Mehbooba and Omar said in a joint statement.

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The two former chief ministers asserted that attacking, terrorizing innocent Kashmiris because of their ethnicity or religion is no way to honour the sacrifice of the CRPF men, they said.

“Kashmiri Muslims or the Muslims of Jammu didn’t attack our CRPF personnel the other day; militants did. This violence is a convenient tool by some to shift the blame. Let us unite against terror, let’s not allow terror to divide us,” they said.