Meghan McCain would like to remain on ‘The View’ if things change

Washington: Contrary to the reports that commentator Meghan McCain is planning to leave ABC’s ‘The View’, Page Six has learned that McCain would actually like to remain on the show.

“She is still in talks and would like to return. There are some things that need to change. Meghan feels constantly attacked,” Page Six quoted a source.

According to The Daily Beast story, McCain feels emotionally drained. The story also talked about a number of press leaks besides the alleged bad behaviour on set.

The report said that McCain’s camp feels the press leaks are coming from show co-host Sunny Hostin.

A source confirmed to Page Six that network insiders are looking into Hostin “because they believe she is leaking damaging information.”

“They believe there are eyewitnesses and texts that can corroborate this,” the source added.

Hilary Estey McLoughlin, a Senior executive producer of the talk show, said, “I don’t think Sunny is the leak. I don’t think anyone who is working on the show could be that overtly doing something that’s potentially problematic for their own careers.”

“This is absurd, and I’m not surprised the source is anonymous since defamation is actionable,” a representative for Hostin told Page Six.

A spokesperson for ABC News added, “As evident on ‘The View,’ Sunny, an award-winning journalist and former federal prosecutor, never holds back and freely shares any and all opinions she has. She’s been a terrific addition to the table, a fierce and passionate advocate who brings a smart and insightful analysis of every debate and discussion on the show. It’s been an incredible season, and we look forward to having her at the co-host table for an epic year ahead.”