Meghan Markle ‘missing’ online friends

London: Actress Meghan Markle is “missing” her online friends after being forced to give up social media ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry.

Kensington Palace said that she’d closed down her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts in January – ahead of her May wedding to Prince Harry.

But now insiders claim Markle is suffering from withdrawal symptoms from social media and is missing the online community, reports

“She is missing her friends and also the wider circle she had on social media,” sources said.

“She’s finding things harder than she thought and it will take time to adjust.”

The former “Suits” actress had 350,000 followers on Twitter, 800,000 on Facebook and a whopping 1.9 million on Instagram.

Insiders also said the royal bride-to-be is struggling to adjust to life in the spotlight.

A source said: “She can no longer just get up without her make-up and take the dog for a walk in the park or nip to the shops for a bag of sugar.”

But insiders insist that Prince Harry has been helping her through the transition.