Meghalaya: This comedian talks about 15 coalminers in a painfully “amusing” way

NEW DELHI: For the past 28 days, the fate of at least 15 miners remains unknown when they got trapped a coal mine which is 370-foot-deep in East Jaintia Hills district in Meghalaya.

The miners from the impoverished village have been trapped since 13 December without food, first-aid and light. And just like every other issue from the North-East, this news also just came and went.

No campaigns from people and media to social media were run intending to speed up the rescue process about saving the lives of the innocent miners and no hashtag with #savemeghalayaminers was trending on Twitter.

Comedian Abhineet Mishra, a native of Meghalaya decided to draw people’s attention in a painfully “amusing” way to his state’s crisis in the north east that has always received a step-motherly treatment by the government.

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Watch the video here:

Poverty and necessity has forced these men to risk their lives as “rat-miners.” Of 15, 11 men trapped in a rat-hole mine are Muslims.

Here is the list released by the East Jaintia Hills district police.

1. Omor Ali, S/o Omela Bibi, R/o. Magurmari, West Garo Hills
2. Mezamur Islam, S/o Josur Ali Islam R/o. Phesiakandi, Rajabala, WGH
3. Mominul Islam, S/o Abul Islam, R/o. Rajabala, West Garo Hills district
4. Amir Hussain, R/o. Apdaguri, Chirang district, Assam
5. Munirul Islam, S/o Solibar Islam, R/o. Bogidar, Chirang district, Assam
6. Saiar Islam, R/o. Khoyarsala, Chirang district, Assam
7. Shirapat Ali, S/o Azahar Ali, R/o Magurmari, West Garo Hills district
8. Mozid Sk, S/o. Mahammad Ali, R/o Magurmari, West Garo Hills district
9. Raziul Islam, S/o Shohor Ali, R/o Magurmari, Phulbari, West Garo Hills district
10. Md. Samsul Haque, S/o Md. Nabaruddin, R/o Kurihamari, PS-Bhangnamari, Nalbari, Assam
11. Chal Dkhar, S/o Smt. Rita Dkhar, R/o Lumthari, East Jaintia Hills
12. Iong Dkhar, S/o Smt. Just Dkhar, R/o Lumthari, East Jaiñtia Hills district
13. Nilam Dkhar, S/o Smt. Just Dkhar, R/o Lumthari, East Jaiñtia Hills district
14. Abdul Kalam SK Abdul S/o Bodiot Zaman, R/o Magurmari, West Garo Hills district
15. Assh Bahadur Limbu, S/o Ram Prasad Limbu, 9th Mile, Nepali Basti, PO/PS Manja, Karbi Anglong district, Assam