Meet Yogita Raghuvanshi, India’s first female truck driver

Uttar Pradesh: She is India’s most academically qualified woman truck driver. Yogita Raghuvansh , a single mother of two undergraduate students definitely does not care about what people would think.

Yogita, who has pursued law and commerce took to driving after the demise of her husband in a road accident 16 years ago.

“If I had opted to be a junior to some lawyer and enter the legal profession, I would have got only a pittance for the many initial years. But I learnt that driving trucks meant instant wages…Perhaps, I am the most academically qualified truck driver in the country,” she told The Hindu.

Despite being a qualified lawyer, Yogita, who was originally from Uttar Pradesh, driven into this profession due to an ill-fated marriage.

She had been told that her husband was a lawyer practicing in the Bhopal High Court. She says, “His family had claimed that he was a lawyer practising in the Bhopal High Court. But of course, that was not the case.”

Yogita is a confident, strong woman working in a male dominated field had driven 5 lakh kilometres by 2013might be the most qualified truck driver in the country.