Meet Shahnaaz Khan, the youngest and most educated Sarpanch of Mewat

MEWAT: 24-year-old would-be doctor busted the myth that youngsters are self-obsessed and not interested in the country’s development.

Shahnaaz Khan becomes the youngest and most educated Sarpanch of Garhazan village, near Mewat of Haryana. She is also the most educated woman in the village’s history.

She after taking oath as sarpanch on Monday said, “People in Mewat area don’t send their daughters to schools. I will present before them my own example to show what education can do for a woman,” as reported by The Hindustan Times.

A medical student of Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College and Research Center, Moradabad, Shahnaaz soon be starting her internship at Civil hospital, Gurgaon.

Her focus is to further education that will help her spread awareness about sanitation and medical health to prevent diseases. “For instance, people here die of tuberculosis. The disease can be cured with a six-month course but people are unaware,” she said.

The doctor in the making comes from a long line of politicians and social workers.

Her grandfather Hanif Khan was the sarpanch of Garhazan for 55 years until 2015. Shahnaaz was elected after a court in October last year declared Hanif’s election candidature null and void.

Besides her grandfather, Shahnaaz’s parents are also in politics. Zahida Khan, her mother, was a former MLA from Kaman constituency and her father Jalees Khan was Kaman pradhan (head of block level panchayat body).

“My family is committed to serving the people. Shahnaaz joined politics to fulfil her grandfather’s dreams. She will serve the Meo (Muslim) community (the largest community inhabiting the region) because it is backward,” said Zahida, on the occasion.