Meet Seerat Fatima, successful candidate of IAS exam who proves “determination is key to success”

Allahabad [UP]: Primary School Teacher, Seerat Fatima who hails from Allahabad cracked IAS exam recently. Her father is a government servant who faced many difficulties in his service. He had decided that he should provide such education to his children which may lead them to become officers.

Ms. Seerat Fatima told that right from 9th class onwards she had determined to become an IAS Officer. Initially, she started her career as a primary school teacher. She further said that if a person can cut mountain to construct a road why a girl from middle class family can’t crack IAS exam. She proved that before the will and determination, money cannot be a hindrance.

People make an attempt to keep the candidates away from Civil Service under the pretext of caste, creed or poverty. Muslim youths keep themselves astray from Civil Service due to inferiority complex. She proved that firm determination results in success.

Her struggle proves that if there are any lacunae in the system, people can determine to change the system through their constructive efforts. No doubt, a single person cannot change the whole structure but in some way or the other, a change can be brought.

–Siasat News