Meet the scientist who won `parody Nobel Prize` for unboiling egg

Melbourne: A scientists from an Australian university has been awarded the Ig Nobel Prize, parody of the Nobel Prize, for showing how to unboil an egg.

Colin Raston from Flinders University has built ‘Vortex fluidic device,’ a machine that can unravel proteins and he had his ‘Eureka’ moment when he fed a boiled hen egg into the machine and it came back uncooked, reported.

This technique could be a game-changer for the targeted delivery of chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment.

Raston said that it was living the dream, adding that all scientists want to do something that was significant, but this had the wow factor.

He said that it was not what they set out to do, but it was the way of explaining the science involved and helping the wider world realise the momentousness of unboiling of egg.

Raston was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in a ceremony at Harvard University by Nobel Laureates in front of thousands of spectators.

After winning the award, Raston said that it was both humbling and amazing. (ANI)