Meet Pyar Mohammed who drives taxi with feeding tube inserted into nose

Mumbai: Pyar Mohammed drives a taxi with a feeding tube inserted into his nose. He eats food through the mouth but drinks water through the feeding tube. When asked why he is driving the taxi when he should have taken rest in this situation, the taxi driver retorted, ‘will you feed me then?’

Narrating the woeful tale Pyar Mohammed told ‘his mentally retarded wife attacked him with a knife leaving his food-pipe cut. Now Pyar Mohammed eats food through the mouth but has to drink through the food-pipe attached to his nose.

Pyar Mohammed hailed from Uttar Pradesh. He married with Tamanna Thakur in 2002. After marriage, he came to know she is mentally ill. He tried for her treatment but in vain. 4-months ago his wife attacked him with a knife since then he was undergoing treatment. His food-pipe got sliced in the attack. He was shifted to the hospital by the neighbours. He says he now drinks through the feeding tube because when he drinks directly through the mouth, he develops cough hence doctors have made that arrangement for liquid food.
and Police arrested his wife.

Pyar Mohammed says his wife came out of the jail in January. He doesn’t have children. He says there’s no one but my wife. If I don’t drive taxi who will feed me and who will look after my wife. He has forcibly taken discharge from the hospital and drives the taxi. He gets Rs. 300 to 400 a day.