Meet Prahalad, an auto-driver giving free ride to Rozedar Muslims

NEW DELHI: Fighting criticism, a 32-year-old auto-driver in South Delhi gives free rides to Muslims observing fast in the month of Ramzan.

Prahalad, who is fondly called ‘Guru’ or ‘Mukhiya’, a person who sets an example for others literally sets an example that will help bring the different communities closer.

With an A4 size poster in his auto-rickshaw that reads: ‘Free auto Service Only For Rozedars Persons’, Prahalad offering free rides to almost 8-10 fasting Muslims since the beginning of Ramzan even though he is incurring a loss.

“I just thought that it’s been quite hot during these days and if I could be of any help to them (Rozedars), I will also earn some blessings. This is all I can do because I earn my living by driving an auto-rickshaw. This is my contribution from whatever profits I earn,” Prahalad told InUth.

A father of two sons and a daughter, Prahalad, who is from Uttar Pradesh and has been working as an auto-rickshaw driver for the past four years said:

“Everyone’s religion is the same. God is one. If people keep pointing to the difference in all of us, we should try to change it. More the better.”

This heartwarming gesture of bringing different communities closer to each other made him popular on Twitter.