Meet the men that assaulted Swami Agnivesh

RANCHI: Spiritual leader and social activist Swami Agnivesh, was attacked by a mob allegedly belonging to RSS, and BJYM for his stand for the rights of tribal people.

The politician-turned-activist was attacked by the members of the youth wing of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on July 17 while he was on his way to address the tribals residing in Litipada in Jharkhand’s Pakur district.

According to Indian Express, the eight persons named in the FIR on the basis of the complaint filed by Jai Malto are identified as Anand Tiwar (BJP member), Pintu Dubey (District convenor of Bajrang Dal), Ashok Prasad (BJP member), Prasann Mishra, Gopi Dubey (District BJP secretary), Balram Dubey (BJP worker), Badal Mandal (RSS member) and Shiv Kumar (RSS member).

However, Prasann Mishra, District chief of BJYM, counter the allegation and said they were carrying black flags and also shouted “Jai Shri Ram” (Hail lord Ram) slogans during gatherings but not attack Agnivesh, who was once a legislative member in Haryana state.

The BJYM activists accused Agnivesh and his supporters of being “hand in glove” in orchestrating the incident.

Mishra speaking to The Indian Express, said: “Agnivesh has been constantly issuing statements that are against the true spirit of nationalism. He supports Naxals. He gives statements in support of patthalgarhi, which has been twisted from its original purpose to a form of resistance against the state. Agnivesh had come here to instigate tribals at the behest of agents of the Church.”

Agnivesh attacked on the same day Supreme Court of India asked the BJP led NDA government to make a law to put an end to the spiraling incidents of mob violence.

Complainant, Malto, was among those gone to bring Agnivesh to address the tribals festival organized to commemorate the anniversary of Damin-i-Koh.

Agnivesh is known as supporter of the tribals and voiceless poor and children. “This is the new India that hates freedom of speech … anyone who talks about constitutional rights, tribal rights, secularism, democratic values and facts will be treated like this, as happened today with Swami Agnivesh,” he was quoted UCA ews as saying.