Meet the man who collected garbage to send his daughter to university

Manila: A man proved that “where there’s a will there’s a way”. In order to send his daughter to university, he decided to collect garbage and save money.

According to the report published in Khaleej Times, the man is identified as Cristito Quimado. He is a garbage collector in the Philippines. He hardly earns 500 pesos per day. Despite financial difficulties, he fulfilled his responsibility. He saved money from his meagre income and sent his daughter to university.

In the month of April, his daughter, Jenny Rose Quimado got Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Technology. Now, Mr. Quimado wants to send his other children to university.

Talking about his struggles, Mr. Quimado said that the way to success was not easy.

Recalling her struggle, his daughter said that sometimes, she used to go to university without lunch.

Now, Jenny wants to help her father and siblings.