Meet Huda Al Matroushi, first Emirati female car mechanic

A 36-year-old, Huda Al Matroushi has recently made history in the United Arab Emirates by becoming the Sharjah’s first female car mechanic to open her own car garage.

Following this, she received a phone call from Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy supreme commander of the UAE armed forces.

Her phone call conversation with his highness went viral on social media platforms.

“I have a car I want you to fix for me,” crown prince joke during his phone call with Huda Al Matroushi, the owner of a car repair shop, adding that he was happy when he heard about it.

“We are proud to have such great people, and we encourage you and stand with you,” he said.

I will  be proud of this call throughout my life, because it made me feel proud and proud,” she said, “I was surprised by the call, so I stuttered, and I did not know how to express gratitude and appreciation for the humanity of the leadership of the state.”

The 36-year-old said, “The idea of ​​the workshop came to her in 2006, as a result of her passion for vehicles and her desire to educate women,  some simple things regarding the vehicle’s needs that the woman is supposed to be aware of, in order to preserve the vehicle’s life for a longer period.”

Screengrab from TheNational Video clip

She told Al-Khaleej , “My joy was overwhelming as I watched the dream come true after years of desire, persistence, challenge, research and study of the project until I was able to complete it, and enter a field that may be difficult for some, but the passion, desire and love of this The field makes me find my pleasure in it.”

Matroushi said she developed talent in the field as she acquired passion early in her life. ” I am currently studying engines and mechanics, and I obtained a BA in public relations and media, and a master’s in management and leadership,” she said.

“I was able to break all the rules and succeed because I believe in the saying-Work in silence and let your success speak for you,” she added.

Huda referred that passion to a profession and now owns and manages a car repair garage in the Emirate of Sharjah, and Hoda’s family doubted whether she could pursue this work, but she asked her father to trust her and her abilities

She said, “I said to my father: Dad, Please trust me and you will see what I will do. He said: Well .. well. And most of my family members were surprised because this project or this work is not easy for women.”