Meet hijabi taxi driver Hameeda

Hyderabad: Hard work and perseverance leads to success. This has been proved by a woman taxi driver who never left Hijab while working hard for success. The Hijab which is considered to be an obstacle to success has become the identity of a woman driver.

Hyderabad based Ummatul Hameeda is benefiting from government’s new scheme ‘She Cab’. She works for 12 to 15 hours a day. Her customers also respect her due to her hijab. Her taxi is only for lady travellers. She ferries lady passengers from airport to their destination.

Taxi driver Ummatul Hameeda is the resident of Attapur Ring Road. She told that she learnt driving due to her passion for driving at that time she had no idea that she would serve in ‘She Cab’. Hameeda mother of a girl child earns Rs. 25000 a month. She readies her daughter for school in the morning. After dropping her to school, she sets for her work.

Hameeda told that when she decided to take up this profession, she faced opposition from her own family. Everyone opposed to her idea and also showed resentment. However she stood firm and decided to earn with respect. Allah too helped her in her endeavour.

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