Meet Dubai’s first female mounted police officer

Abu Dhabi: The Dubai media office on Tuesday said that Captain Halima Al Saadi became the first female officer to join the security patrols of the Dubai Mounted police.

Her job as the mounted police entails walking around in different areas to make sure the rules are not being broken. She is authorized to seize illegal vehicles, arrest criminals and issue fines to violators, if any. The horseback patrols provide security coverage as they have the advantage of accessing narrow alleys that police vehicles can’t reach.

In this regard, Dubai major general expert Mohammad Al Adhb, said that women in Dubai police have proven their worth in various disciplines, which reflects the interest of the Dubai police general command in empowering women and allowing them to break into various security, police, traffic, criminal and other fields.

Al-Saadi is one of the diligent police officer whose field and administrative work we are proud of, Al Adhb adds.

For her part, Halima told Khaleej Times, that she is proud of her work in the Dubai mounted police, and that her love for horse riding is one of the reasons for her continuation in this mission, stressing that Dubai Police leaders in various public departments are a major supporter and motivator for the female employers.

She expressed happiness to work with a team distinguished, highly qualified and professional, which contributed to refining her skills in various administrative and security aspects.

It is worth mentioning that captain Halima Al Saadi completed 23 years in the Dubai Police, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Dubai police academy and a diploma in research and investigation from the general department of criminal investigation at Dubai police.

She joined many equestrian courses, and participated in various national activities, official events, conferences and forums carried out by Dubai Police, and she also worked in the general department of airport security.